4 Ways to Transform Your Small Kitchen

Not all homes have a large kitchen. While some have the room and funds to add an addition onto the house to create a brand new kitchen, some don't have this luxury and need to make their current kitchen work. There are certain limitations when it comes to remodeling a small kitchen, but these limitations are crippling.

With a skilled remodeler on your side, you can turn an exceedingly cramped area into something truly special. Here are four ways to transform your small kitchen during a remodel:

1. Add Mirrors to the Space

The thing with small kitchen is that they not only look small but they feel small as well. By adding mirrors, you can create an illusion that the space is larger. This illusion will then cause you to feel as if you are in a much larger space.

A great place to install these mirrors are behind the countertop as a backsplash. It creates a remarkable invitation to the rest of the house and makes it seem as though the kitchen is part of the entire home rather than a separate space.

2. Consider the Vertical Design Technique

If you've ever seen a big city, you know there are a ton of skyscrapers. The reason for this is because they create more usable space in an effective way. You can do the same thing in your kitchen. Install tall cabinetry that reaches the ceiling to not only create the illusion of more space to also make more effective use of the space that you have.

3. Use Appropriate Colors

Choosing the right colors for your kitchen can do a lot in the visual design department. With the right colors, you can create the feeling and appearance of a much more open space. You want to stick to colors that complement one another so that the eye travels seamlessly throughout the kitchen. The unified color scheme in the kitchen will also make it appear and feel much less cluttered.

White is always a good color for enhancing the sense of space in a room. If you're not into white or find it hard to keep clean, you could always stick to a low-contrast color scheme for a serene yet expansive look and feel.

4. Don't Forget the Flooring

You may not think that the flooring has a lot to do with making the kitchen feel more open, but it really does. The right design and material can really impact the way the kitchen feels and looks. You could make a major impact by opting for light-colored, large floor tile or you could make a statement by installing hardwood flooring horizontally.

While any tight kitchen space can be transformed, it is usually best to work with a professional remodeler who knows exactly what he or she is doing. They have the know-how and experience when it comes to remodeling and can quickly and effectively turn your small kitchen into a wide open space. Contact a few local options such as Gravelle Woodworking Limited to get more unique ideas for your kitchen.