Home Roof Replacement: The Pros & Cons Of Investing In Metal Shingles

Do you need a new roof because your asphalt shingles have deteriorated beyond repair? You may want to consider investing in metal shingles instead of the same type that you have. In this article, find out the pros that make metal shingles the best option for replacing a roof and the cons you should consider.

What are the Pros of Metal Shingles for a Roof Replacement?

One of the pros of metal shingles is how well they can withstand damage from rainwater. When you have asphalt shingles, they can deteriorate fast from algae and mold growth. You won't have to worry about algae or mold damaging metal shingles because it is not possible, which means the shingles will be a lot more durable. You won't have to spend a lot of money on repairs with metal shingles because they require very little maintenance.

Metal shingles are also great for keeping heat out of your home. The metal is able to reflect sun rays away so less heat will be absorbed. You will notice that you will have lower energy bills because of the reduced amount of heat from the exterior interfering with the temperature you set on the thermostat. The heating and cooling system won't have to be left on as long as it used to with asphalt shingles.

A big pro of metal shingles is that they are able to be recycled when you no longer need them. They can be recycled and made into other products, or you can have them reconditioned for your roof. Recycling metal is good for the environment because it helps with the reduction of greenhouse gases. Global warming is caused from greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

What Type of Cons are Associated with Metal Shingles?

The level of noise metal shingles can cause during when it is raining or hailing is one of the cons. However, the noise can be reduced if you opt for getting soundproof insulation materials installed between the shingles and roof deck. The insulation will not only reduce noise but will help with energy efficiency.

The development of rust is another con of metal shingles. Keeping rust of the metal can be done by protecting it from rainwater. All you need is a good sealant placed on the metal, which can be done with a nice paint job. Hire a roofer (such as Whalley's Four Seasons Roofing) to install metal shingles on your roof because the pros are much greater than the cons!