Common Homeowner Questions Concerning Tree Stump Removal

Whether you have just had a tree removed or there is already an existing stump  on your property, a tree stump can be an unsightly eyesore on your property that just gets in the way. Thankfully, tree service professionals usually offer stump removal to residential customers who just want a stump out of the way. Within a few short hours the stump that has been in your way can be completely eliminated. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning stump removal.

What type of equipment is used during stump removal?

There are two basic forms of stump removers that are used in the tree service industry. One is a handheld version that resembles a tiller except the blades at the bottom contain sharp teeth that will grind away at the stump. This type is most often used by contractors and smaller companies because they are easy to haul and inexpensive to acquire. The large stump remover is a massive piece of equipment that is equipped with a tow hitch so it can be maneuvered with a tractor or vehicle. The grinder is positioned over the stump and the operator uses manual controls to position the blades over the stump.

Is there any danger of damage during the stump removal process?

The biggest threat during stump removal is flying bits of wood. Stump grinders are equipped with protective barriers that are designed to deflect flying debris. However, it is always best to make sure that you stay out of the way when work is being performed. If you take a look, there is a pretty good chance that the person operating the stump grinder will be wearing a hard hat and safety goggles for protection. Therefore, you should not be in the area without the appropriate safety equipment.

What will the area look like after stump removal?

Once the contractor has finished removing the stump with the grinder, you will be left with a rather large amount of wood chips and sawdust. The professional may remove this debris for you, but it is also good to use the material to fill the hole in the ground that is likely left behind. Furthermore, the smaller wood shavings do make good fertilizer for your lawn and will dissipate and settle in with your landscape rather quickly.

Stump removal is bound to be a service on your mind at some point if you have trees on your property. Talk to a tree service professional about any further questions you have concerning the stump removal process.