Handling an Overbearing Client

As a contractor one of the hardest things you may encounter on the job site is an overbearing client. Having a client over your shoulder asking question after question can be annoying. It can also put the job behind when you have to constantly answer to them and lessen their fears that everything is being handled properly. Many contractors deal with this problem so it is not unusual. The best way to overcome this is to find out why they are there in the first place. Some clients will just want to check out the progress on their home, while others may be taking more of a protective stance. Here are some ways to handle an overbearing client. 

Set Expectations

Clients like two-way communication. If they feel you are not communicating with them enough, they will pop in and check things out for themselves. You want to always keep the lines of communication open, but the client must understand when it is time to communicate. In order to set the precedence right from the beginning, you need to provide them with a list of your responsibilities and their responsibilities. Not only will they appreciate knowing what they will get from you, but they will understand their role better. Some of the things you want to include on their expectation list is being mindful of working times, communicating through the project lead, and billing deadlines.

Make the Rules

It is understandable for a client to have some anxiety when you are working on their home. In fact, this could be one of the biggest investments they will ever make. In order to relieve their fears while allowing you to do your job, you need to set some rules right from the beginning. You want to provide them a time where they can bring up any fears and concerns. This will help relieve some of their anxiety when they know they can come to you. By setting specific times, this allows you to get your job done during the other times. It also helps keep the client off the job site, which could be unsafe for them.

Stress Safety Issues

Even if a client is not really bugging you but likes to watch and see what is going on, it can be unsafe for them. It is a good idea to remind your clients that job sites can be very dangerous if they are not properly trained. In warning them, they will be less likely to come out and watch over your shoulder. If you do allow them to come out at times onto the site, make sure they have the proper safety gear on, like a hard hat and safety goggles if needed. 

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