Navigating The Intricacies Of Spray Pad Construction

A spray pad, also sometimes called a splash pad, is a water feature that allows children to get wet without jumping into standing water. Because the risk of drowning is more or less eliminated, there are no lifeguards. A spray pad can make a nice addition to a park, but if you are contemplating adding a new splash pad, there are a few issues that you need to be ready to handle. 

Spray Pad Surfacing

When you add water to a solid, smooth surface such as concrete, the surface can become slippery, and with children running from one water feature to the next, you risk slipping, falling, and the injuries that result therefrom. In order to keep your splash pad safe, you need a rubber surface. Companies that install playground surfaces should have textured, rubber surfaces available for you to choose from. The rubber will not only provide traction, but it will typically have a little flexibility which will help cushion any falls that do occur. 

Choice of Fixtures

At the most basic, you don't need anything other than a few spray nozzles built into the deck of your spray pad. You can, however, have pipes with nozzles built into them extending up from the deck. These pipes come in various configurations including mushrooms, trees, and rainbows. Some splash pads will also have slides, dump buckets, and other similar features. The cost of your pad will depend on how many features you select for its construction. 


Cities will regulate the construction of splash pads to help avoid health risks that are associated with them (falls, tainted water, etc.). If a splash pad is built properly, you should be able to make it not only a fun place, but a safe place. Any qualified construction company that builds spray pads should have the skill to make their spray pads safe, but that still leaves you to handle the permits and political battles involved in getting the park improved. In some cases, you can ask the construction company for help in dealing with the paperwork. Since they build spray pads all the time, they should have a good idea of how to help. 

If you are looking for a way to make a park more refreshing on the hottest of summer days, then building a spray pad might be just what you are looking for. Carefully choose your spray pad construction company, and you will have help from the planning phase to the unveiling.