Wood Fence Maintenance Tips And Services

Irrespective of how good your wood fence installation was or the quality of wood you used during installation, your fence will need maintenance over time. Fences, too, need care to enhance durability and maintain their functionality and their beauty. Here are some maintenance tips for your wood fence.

Use Sealant or Repaint the Fence

Since wood is an organic material, it's prone to decaying and rotting. Thus, it needs proper care to enhance its durability. If your fence isn't painted, you should apply a waterproof sealant annually or bi-annually. The sealant will help seal your fence and prevent it from drying up or cracking.

Most fence contractors will stain your wood fence after installation. However, that shouldn't be the end of it. You should repaint your fence at least once every few years. A fence with chipped paint indicates it's time for repainting.

Repainting your fence may need to be done more often, depending on the climatic conditions of your area. A good way to test whether your fence needs repainting is by pouring water on it. If the water curls into a bead and runs down the fence, your fence is doing great. If your fence absorbs the water, you should consider repainting or sealing it. 

Don't Add Too Much Weight on the Fence

Wood fences are solid and easy to drill into. Thus, homeowners commonly use wood fences to decorate their fences by hanging flowers, plants, and metal ornaments, among other decorations. Undoubtedly, these additions add glamor to your compound, but they shouldn't be too heavy.

While the fence may seem strong enough to hold the box, the weight will weigh down your fence and cause it to sag over time. Therefore, when hanging anything heavy, you can have it on sturdy posts instead of fence boards.

Additionally, shrubs that grow too close to the fence can adversely affect the fence's structural integrity if not trimmed. So, prune any bushes when they grow near your fence line to prevent the shrubs from pushing over the fence as the roots develop. 

Deal With Fence Issues as Soon as They Arise

Despite being durable, fences are prone to issues, especially caused by harsh weather conditions. For example, wind storms are known for damaging and weakening fences. If you see any loose boards on the fence or any boards that are either sagging or splitting, act promptly. 

Ignoring minor fence issues can cause a bigger problem that will be more expensive to fix. It might also come down and make it prone to burglary. 

Get Wood Fence Services Today

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