Signs That Your Commercial Refrigerator May Be Costing You Money

When running a business, one of the main concerns is making sure that you stay within budget so you can actually generate a profit. If you're in the restaurant business, making sure that your building is energy efficient, especially in the kitchen, is an important factor to consider. While it's essential that you must be able to prepare and cook food for your customers properly, it's also critical to keep foods frozen and refrigerated.

Keep Your Dog Safe When Using A Chain Link Fence For Your Backyard

Installing a chain link fence in your backyard can be an effective way to enjoy more privacy, but it does require some special care if you have a dog that spends a lot of time in the backyard. In order for you to prevent any potential issues with the dog and the new fencing, it's a good idea to take some precautions with he or she in mind so that they will dog is safe and that the fencing stays in good condition.

Going Touchless In Your Restaurant Bathroom

Are you remodeling your restaurant bathrooms? Now is the time to install touchless fixtures. Below are a list of the ways that you can go touchless in your restaurant bathrooms and why your restaurant can benefit from the change. Which touchless features should you install? The answer to this is pretty clear: as many as you can. Touchless features in commercial bathrooms run the gamut, and the more touchless features you install, the more hands-off the bathroom experience becomes.

Handling an Overbearing Client

As a contractor one of the hardest things you may encounter on the job site is an overbearing client. Having a client over your shoulder asking question after question can be annoying. It can also put the job behind when you have to constantly answer to them and lessen their fears that everything is being handled properly. Many contractors deal with this problem so it is not unusual. The best way to overcome this is to find out why they are there in the first place.

2 Ways To Make Your Fireplace Mantle More Interesting

If you are looking for a way to update your home's style, investing in a new mantle could be the answer. Fireplace mantles often serve as the focal point of the room they are located in, so taking the time to incorporate an intriguing design into your fireplace mantle can give your home instant appeal. Here are two things you can do to make your mantle more interesting in the future.

Old Windows? Upgrade Their Energy Efficiency With Window Film

If your home has old windows, it should come as no surprise that they are not as energy efficient as they could be. The solution to fixing your problem might not be as obvious. You will find plenty of energy-efficient windows on the market today, but replacing your windows can be a costly venture. In many cases, a cost-effective choice for improving your windows' energy efficiency is to install window film.

How To Repair An Old Wrought Iron Fence

If you have an old wrought iron fence around your property, you probably love the security and classic appearance that it provides for your lawn. However, as your fence is getting older, there's a good chance that it is beginning to show signs of its age. Luckily, taking a few steps can help you get in back in like-new condition; then, you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Answering Two Concerns About Choosing Modular Home Construction

Your home is one of the most important possessions that you own, and it should be no surprise that people want the highest quality home for their budget. However, some people fail to consider their full range of options when choosing an option for their new homes. In particular, people will often fail to consider the option of a modular home, but if you consider the following answers and questions, you will be much better informed when making this choice.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Using A Generator During A Power Outage

When there is a power outage in your home, do you know the right way to handle it? It is important to find an alternative power source and remain safe while also avoiding some common mistakes if you have a generator. Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind. Do: Inspect the cords for damage It is extremely dangerous to plug in a generator if it has exposed wires or frayed wires.

Staying Safe: What Metal Fabrication Shops Must Do To Keep Workers From Injury

You not only want to work with a metal fabricator who does good work at a good value, but you want to make sure that the workers at the company you choose are well protected from the dangers in the metal fabrication industry. Most Dangerous Issues on the Shop Floor There are three main areas where most injuries happen on the shop floor. Safety-conscious shops take steps to inspect and correct any problems in these areas:

A Few Key Considerations Before Starting A New Outbuilding

Whether you're looking into building a small storage shed, a detached garage, or a full guesthouse, planning new construction can be intimidating. But if you want to avoid headaches down the road, there are a few things that you should be sure to consider before you get started. Land Survey You may think you know exactly where your property begins and ends, but for a permanent structure, it's crucial to be sure.

Weathering The Storm: Benefits Of An Underground Storm Shelter For Your Business

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather such as tornadoes, an underground storm shelter for your business can protect you and your employees from serious injury. Also referred to as a safe room, a storm shelter is an underground escape bunker designed to withstand dangerous wind and even flying debris. With a storm shelter, even if your business construction completely falls apart, you will remain safe.

3 Tips For Protecting Your Home Construction Site

Are you building a new home? Or perhaps remodeling your existing home? If so, you probably have a lot of tasks and responsibilities on your plate. One thing that you shouldn't overlook is site security. Construction sites often attract individuals who may want to steal items or simply do damage. Tools, materials, and pieces of scrap metal are common targets for thieves. Also, teens in the area may try to use your construction site for parties or they may simply want to vandalize it.

Common Homeowner Questions Concerning Tree Stump Removal

Whether you have just had a tree removed or there is already an existing stump  on your property, a tree stump can be an unsightly eyesore on your property that just gets in the way. Thankfully, tree service professionals usually offer stump removal to residential customers who just want a stump out of the way. Within a few short hours the stump that has been in your way can be completely eliminated.

2 Reasons Why Directional Drilling Is The Best Choice When Digging Your Well

If you are thinking about adding a well to your property, you are probably making a really smart decision. A well will allow you and your family to take advantage of all of the natural resources that are available to you, and you can save money over time because you won't have to pay a water bill. Although you might be excited about the idea of installing a drill, you might not know much about the process.

Selling Your Home? 2 Exterior Improvement You Should Make To Help It Sell Faster

If you are putting your home up for sale, you should make home improvements first. This will make it sell much faster, so you can get into your new home without having to worry about your house selling. Roof If you have not replaced your roof in some time, hire a roofing contractor, such as Hazelmere Roofing, to inspect it for you. Chances are, it needs repairs or it may need to be replaced.

There Are Many Benefits To Going With Cedar Roofing

There are many benefits that come with choosing cedar roofing. This type of roofing is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice that may suit your roofing needs perfectly. If you are considering which type of roofing may be the right choice for your roof, you'll want to learn about the different benefits it has to offer. Cedar is good for different types of houses You may think that a cedar roof would do best on a home in a mountain setting and other types of roofing, such as tile, would do best in a city setting.

Asphalt Shingles: Choosing The Right Product For Your Home

Asphalt shingles are a common roofing material, but they also come in many shapes and sizes. Before choosing a product, you need to know which ones are available for you to use. It is best to learn about the different options, so you can purchase a product that is right for your home's new roof. Traditional Shingles Most people are familiar with traditional asphalt shingles that come in black, grey and brown.

Tips For Dealing With Roof Damage After A Storm

The roof is one of the strongest structures in your home, but it is not immune to damage from the elements. Strong storms can wreak havoc on your roof, so if a violent storm moves through your area it is important to inspect your roof afterwards to assess the damage and have repairs made. Use the following tips to make things easier after your roof is damaged by weather: Inspect Your Roof for Damage

Add A Beautiful Etched Design To The Glass Railing That Leads To Your Front Porch

Add a beautiful etched design to the glass railing that leads to your front porch. Etching cream will provide permanent results that can be appreciated whenever you enter or exit your home. Use The Following Materials glass cleaner lint-free cloth vinyl tarp or plastic sheeting etching cream glass bowl foam brush stencils thin paintbrush painters tape rubber gloves bucket of water sponge ​Clean The Railing And Apply The Stencils

Five Hardwood Flooring Species You May Not Have Considered, But Should

Although most people opt for pine, oak, cherry or maple hardwood flooring, there are dozens of other hardwood species available today. If you're looking for a floor that's a little out of the ordinary that doesn't look like all of your neighbors' floors, there are a few species you should consider. Lesser known, but beautiful, hardwood flooring species One way to compare hardwood species is by their density, which generally translates into durability.

Keeping Safe While Doing Roof Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you will want to get up on your rooftop a few times a year to make sure there are no structural issues or areas needing repair. Doing routine roof maintenance can save you from needing costly repair, but you will need to make sure you take steps to keep yourself safe from injury. Here are some tips for you to use to help keep yourself safe while doing roof maintenance:

Home Roof Replacement: The Pros & Cons Of Investing In Metal Shingles

Do you need a new roof because your asphalt shingles have deteriorated beyond repair? You may want to consider investing in metal shingles instead of the same type that you have. In this article, find out the pros that make metal shingles the best option for replacing a roof and the cons you should consider. What are the Pros of Metal Shingles for a Roof Replacement? One of the pros of metal shingles is how well they can withstand damage from rainwater.

4 Ways to Transform Your Small Kitchen

Not all homes have a large kitchen. While some have the room and funds to add an addition onto the house to create a brand new kitchen, some don't have this luxury and need to make their current kitchen work. There are certain limitations when it comes to remodeling a small kitchen, but these limitations are crippling. With a skilled remodeler on your side, you can turn an exceedingly cramped area into something truly special.

Use Creative Lighting To Protect Your Home

One major job hazard for a home burglar is being seen. That's why they prefer to target homes that have little lighting with doors and windows hidden in the shadows. Instead of installing an expensive home security system, work with an electrician to install some crime-deterrent lighting. Your home will be safer, especially when you're away. Exterior Lighting Lights on timers, motion and light sensors keep those places outside of your home illuminated to deter burglars.

How To Apply A Sealant To An Interlocking Block Pavement

An interlocking block pavement is beautiful and easy to maintain. Nevertheless, there are still a few maintenance practices that you should observe on such pavements. One of these measures is sealing the surface of the pavement. Here are the steps you need for the process: Gather the Required Materials The materials, tools, and safety gear for the job include: Safety goggles A pair of gloves Paint brush Stain remover Sealer Pressure washer water Sand Clear the Work Area

When To Repair And When To Replace Your Windshield

You're driving down the highway and a truck in front of you kicks up a rock – Smash! – you hear it slam into your windshield. A divot is left in the glass, and you are wondering whether you need to have the window completely replaced or if a quick repair will correct the problem. To help you figure out what you need to do next, here's a look at some important information that will help you determine if a simple repair will rectify the problem, or if you need to have your windshield completely replaced.

Stay Safe, Breathe Easy, Save Money: Why Concrete Is The Perfect Material For Your New Home

Are you considering building a new home of your own? If so, one of the key considerations is the material you'll use for the framing and insulation. While wood may be an attractive traditional choice, you shouldn't overlook the benefits concrete has to offer. In fact, a concrete home lasts longer and has quite a few added benefits that might just be too good for you to pass up. Your Home Will Enjoy A Longer Lifespan

3 Surprising Facts About Your Blown Insulation

If you are a frugal home-owner, you are probably already concerned about the costs of keeping your home warm during this especially cold winter, Fortunately, blown insulation is an ideal choice for almost every home and it provides numerous options to choose from. As a result, you can customize the different choices, so that each room is always warm and well-insulated, while saving money on your energy costs each month.

How To Get A Door Ready For Painting

Regardless of the material a door is made from, it's important to make the proper preparations prior to painting so that the job will go smoothly. If you don't make these preparations, your paint might not fully cover the door's surface. Or it might not even adequately stick to the door, resulting in wasted money and time. By taking the time to make sure the job is done right (meaning sanding, applying primer, and masking hardware) chances are better that you'll achieve a professional looking finish that will last for years to come.

Combustion Chamber: How It Can Keep You Safe & How To Know When A Repair Is Needed

Did you know that a water heater can harm your health if it begins to malfunction? When you are running the heating and cooling system, complete combustion must take place or you are at risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Learn how the combustion chamber to a water heater can keep you safe if it is in a good condition and how to know when it needs a repair. How Can a Combustion Chamber Keep Someone Safe?

Why You Should Use Professional Movers

Moving to a new home is usually a very stressful experience. Packing up all of your belongings into boxes, loading the boxes on to a truck, and unloading them into your new home are just a few of the tasks that make moving so stressful. Even though moving is a huge undertaking, people often feel that it's easier if they do everything themselves. While this might seem like a good idea at first, it often leads to unforeseen costs and problems.