Possible Plumbing Needs For A Backyard Greenhouse

As you begin planning for a greenhouse on your property, don't forget to consider the type of plumbing the building will need. It's possible this hasn't even crossed your mind yet; you may have an image of doing daily watering with a large watering can. It's true that many backyard greenhouses don't have any plumbing system, especially if they are quite small. However, even a small structure can benefit from having a water source inside. 

Indoor Watering 

Having pipes throughout the greenhouse along with several faucets is the best plan. That way, you can hook up small hoses to the faucets and have an easy way of watering your plants rather than dragging a big garden hose around the building. When using a big hose attached to one faucet, you constantly have to be careful not to tip any plants over while moving the hose around the building. 

An even more convenient option involves installing a drip irrigation system instead of using small hoses for daily watering. You'd still need to have at least one additional faucet when you do want to use a hose in the building.


For plants that really thrive in a greenhouse, a misting system is ideal. Most plants love humid conditions. In addition, plants out in nature get rained on. Misting recreates these conditions so your plants live in the most beneficial type of climate.

A Sink

You may want a sink with a faucet in the greenhouse so you can easily rinse off pots and wash your hands. This isn't an essential feature, because you can do this with a hose in the yard, but it's certainly convenient.

The water that goes down the drain is considered grey water; you should be able to simply let it flow into your yard through a pipe or drain hose. However, check code regulations in your area to make sure this is allowed.  

At a Minimum

If having plumbing set up in the greenhouse won't be financially feasible at first, get an exterior faucet installed on your house as close to the greenhouse as you can. That way, you can use a garden hose to do your plant watering rather than lug a watering can back and forth.  

Concluding Thoughts

If you can manage it, get your greenhouse plumbing put in as soon as it's set up. Otherwise, plan for the type of plumbing you want to have in the future so the structure can be built to easily accommodate those features. Talk to a professional like Paton Bros Ltd with any concerns.