Use Creative Lighting To Protect Your Home

One major job hazard for a home burglar is being seen. That's why they prefer to target homes that have little lighting with doors and windows hidden in the shadows. Instead of installing an expensive home security system, work with an electrician to install some crime-deterrent lighting. Your home will be safer, especially when you're away.

Exterior Lighting

Lights on timers, motion and light sensors keep those places outside of your home illuminated to deter burglars. Starting with the front door, use a bright porch light that keeps the door lit after dark. Use a timer or device that turns the light on after sunset. A potential thief can see from the street that the front door is not a safe way for them to break into your house when the light is on.

Have a strong light on the back door, as well. This may be the first entry point a burglar investigates, thinking that they will be more sheltered. If you have items in the back yard such as vehicles, sheds, gardening equipment or patio grills, have an electrician install a yard light on a tall pole that is motion activated. It will protect the back entrance as well as the items in the yard.

A light above the garage door and any external entrances into the garage is important to protect your cars. If you have a detached garage, a thief may feel confident that they can break into the garage even when the house is illuminated.

If sections of the house are in the shadows at night, consider a motion activated flood light that shines from the ground up onto the house. This will keep someone from breaking into a window.

Interior Lighting

When people are at home, there is likely enough lighting to deter a thief from breaking in. There are occasions when this may not be the case. You and your family could be in a basement family room enjoying a movie while the upstairs remains in the dark. Keep some lights on upstairs, or put a kitchen and hallway light on a timer. Have a light in your master bedroom on a timer. If you have multiple stories, choose a room on each floor to include a light on a timer.

Lights on timers are important when you're not home so it looks like people are in the house. If you have pets, consider motion activated lights throughout the house. As your pets move around the house, they'll trigger the lights randomly.

One additional safety feature to install is a panic button. When you press the button, a siren goes off, the exterior door, flood and pole lights all come on. You might put this in a bedroom in case you hear someone in the house after you've gone to bed. The lights and sound will attract attention, something a thief doesn't want. Anyone in the house will leave as quickly as they can.

Talk with an electrician (like those at Crown Electric Ltd) about a lighting scheme for your house that keeps it safe. It will make your house an undesirable target for even the most experienced home burglar.