Keeping Safe While Doing Roof Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you will want to get up on your rooftop a few times a year to make sure there are no structural issues or areas needing repair. Doing routine roof maintenance can save you from needing costly repair, but you will need to make sure you take steps to keep yourself safe from injury.

Here are some tips for you to use to help keep yourself safe while doing roof maintenance:

Gutter Maintenance

Part of roof maintenance includes cleaning out your gutters. You will need to get on a ladder in order to remove debris that may be embedded in your gutter. It is best to have someone available to help spot you when you get on and off the ladder. They will also be able to stabilize it so it does not slip.

They can help by reaching for the bucket of debris and emptying it for you while you tend to scraping out the material in the gutter, as well. Make sure you have gloves on so your hands are protected from sharp objects while scooping out the material.

On The Roof

While walking around on your rooftop, wear non-skid soled shoes so you do not take an unnecessary tumble. Use small steps while trying to keep your balance. Avoid stepping directly on areas where there are weakened shingles or signs of water decay. Check them from the side of the affected area and if repairing, work your way inward so you are always working on safe areas. 

Do not touch anything electrical while on your rooftop, especially if there seems to be moisture nearby. This includes power lines coming into the home and satellite television discs. If you notice inclement weather is on the way, get off of your roof before it begins so you avoid excessive wind or precipitation making it easy for you to slip and get hurt. 

Be Aware Of Surroundings

It is easy to start a roofing project and forget the edge of the roof is behind you, making a fall happen as a result. Constantly look at your surroundings to make sure you are not becoming too close to the sides of the roof while you are working. Be careful near skylights, chimneys and vented areas, as they can obstruct your view of the remainder of the roof. If the pitch of your roof is very steep, having a professional do your maintenance is recommended.

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