Add A Beautiful Etched Design To The Glass Railing That Leads To Your Front Porch

Add a beautiful etched design to the glass railing that leads to your front porch. Etching cream will provide permanent results that can be appreciated whenever you enter or exit your home.

Use The Following Materials

  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloth
  • vinyl tarp or plastic sheeting
  • etching cream
  • glass bowl
  • foam brush
  • stencils
  • thin paintbrush
  • painters tape
  • rubber gloves
  • bucket of water
  • sponge

Clean The Railing And Apply The Stencils

Clean the glass railing with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Dry the surface off well. Use stencils to transfer the design that is going to be etched into the glass. Attach them to the railing with painters tape. Cover hardware on the railing and any areas located close to the stencils so that they are not exposed to the etching cream.

Add The Etching Cream

Before opening the etching cream, put on a pair of rubber gloves. The cream contains chemicals that could irritate your skin, so it is important that you keep your hands protected while you complete the project. Lay a vinyl tarp or plastic sheeting underneath the railing.

Pour some etching cream into a glass bowl. Apply an even coat of this product to a foam paintbrush. Fill in the stencils with the cream. If small details are included in the design that you are transferring, use a small paintbrush to add the etching cream to them. The acid in the cream will work within a few minutes and transform the etched areas into a surface that appears cloudy.

Rinse The Cream Off And Enjoy The New Look

To ensure that the cream has been on the glass surface long enough, read the back of the etching cream container. Rinse the etching cream off with a wet sponge.  Once all traces of the cream have been removed, gently peel off the painters tape from the railing. Keep the new design looking great by cleaning the railing off regularly with soapy water and a lint-free cloth. If the surface ever becomes visibly stained, remove all traces of dirt with standard glass cleaner and a cloth. 

As long as no sharp objects are applied to the etched surface, the design will remain damage-free. If you decide to change the design in the future, apply a wet rag to the etched areas and carefully scrape them off with the edge of a razor blade. After finishing, you can add a new design to the railing. 

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