Going Touchless In Your Restaurant Bathroom

Are you remodeling your restaurant bathrooms? Now is the time to install touchless fixtures. Below are a list of the ways that you can go touchless in your restaurant bathrooms and why your restaurant can benefit from the change.

Which touchless features should you install?

The answer to this is pretty clear: as many as you can. Touchless features in commercial bathrooms run the gamut, and the more touchless features you install, the more hands-off the bathroom experience becomes. Standard touchless features include light switches, toilets and urinals, soap dispensers, sink faucets, air dryers and paper towel dispensers. Did you know that there is even a "touchless" door feature? Some companies now manufacture bathroom door handles that can be found attached to the door near the ground, making it possible for bathroom users to open and close the door with the tips of their feet.

Why go touchless?

There are more reasons to go touchless than you might be aware of:

  • Sanitation. Customers and employees can spread germs around the bathroom simply by touching everything, from the toilet handles to the door handles, door handles to the faucets, and so on. If they touch fewer surfaces, they'll have fewer opportunities to spread those germs around. As a restaurant owner, you know how critical sanitation is to your business and reputation. The cleaner your restroom bathrooms are, the better off your business will be.
  • Maintenance. Bathrooms that are touched less by patrons and employees can become less soiled throughout the day, which makes cleaning the bathroom all the easier.
  • Waste reduction and savings. Touchless bathroom features dole out portions to bathroom users. Customers are only given so much soap by the touchless soap dispenser, only so much water by the touchless water faucet, and so on. This prevents waste and controls the resources that go into and out of the bathroom. This can help you save money on water, soap, paper and electricity.
  • Employee sanitation. Touchless bathrooms generally require less effort from bathroom users, because there's nothing to turn on or off and there are no handles to push. These small conveniences can help encourage employees to properly wash their hands, because this makes hand washing after going to the bathroom that much easier.
  • Customer convenience and reassurance. Touchless bathrooms are just as convenient for customers as they are for employees. In addition, customers who who worry about sanitation often enjoy the experience of using a touchless bathroom more than other bathrooms. Touchless bathrooms seem cleaner to many people, because they're hands-off.
  • Modernity. Touchless bathrooms are new and modern. Installing touchless features in your bathroom shows that your restaurant is up-to-date and that you've made recent investments in your building.

For more information about how touchless bathrooms can improve your customer's experience and make your restaurant a better business, speak with commercial contractors like City Centre Interior Contractors Ltd before beginning your renovation.