Signs That Your Commercial Refrigerator May Be Costing You Money

When running a business, one of the main concerns is making sure that you stay within budget so you can actually generate a profit. If you're in the restaurant business, making sure that your building is energy efficient, especially in the kitchen, is an important factor to consider. While it's essential that you must be able to prepare and cook food for your customers properly, it's also critical to keep foods frozen and refrigerated. If you've noticed any changes in the performance of your commercial refrigerator, you will want to have these issues addressed right away by a professional refrigeration contractor. Poor performance, improper sealing and motor failure can cost you a lot of money if not fixed properly. Here are a few signs of to look out for.  

Fluctuations In Energy Bills

One of the first things that you'll likely notice if your commercial refrigeration isn't working properly is a major fluctuation in your energy bills. If your electric bill has gone up significantly and you've addressed other issues with your HVAC system and you've had new appliance installed, take a look at your refrigerator. It could be that the unit is working harder because:

  • Condenser has malfunctioned and the system is working overtime
  • Condenser coils are dirty
  • Door gasket leaks or does not create an airtight seal

A refrigeration contractor or HVAC technician may be able to perform an energy audit. Using special tools including a combustion analyzer, watt meter and moisture meter to help inspect the exact energy use of your refrigerator and entire building space.

Not Cooling Foods Properly

You may be throwing energy and food down the drain if your refrigeration unit is not able to cool foods down and maintain a specific temperature. This will be a significant blow to your overall profit margin. A bad evaporator or compressor could be the culprit. If you notice a subtle change in temperatures, now is the time to get your unit serviced. It could be something as simple as having the coils or condenser unit cleaned or you may have to have major components of the refrigerator repaired or replaced.

Wall And Flooring Damage

There are other less subtle ways that your refrigerator unit may be trying to tell you it's not functioning properly. Water damage on the floor, under tile could be a sign of a water link coming from your fridge. Warped walls and peeling paint are also an indicator of a buildup of moisture and condensation resulting from your refrigerator working overtime or leaking water onto the floor. At the first sign of a problem, contact a refrigeration contractor to help address the problem.

Noisy Unit

If the refrigerator is making a sudden, loud noise, there is likely an underlying problem. Worn out parts making contact or a cooling coil and fan that is malfunctioning can give off a loud screeching sound. If you hear a hissing, it could be an indication of a pressurized leak. Immediate attention to the unit is recommended.

Having your refrigerator serviced by a refrigeration specialist at least once a year can help eliminate expensive emergencies that will hit your pocket book and your business. 

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