The Benefits Of Constructing A Rock Wall As A Retainer

Are you putting the finishing touches on some landscaping and want to complete things with something impressive? Are you having issues with a neighbor in regards to property lines? Perhaps it's not a neighbor but nearby elevated soil that is encroaching into your yard? Thankfully, these are all issues that can be cured with the help of a rock wall. Any serious contractor or construction company that handles soil, landscaping, or yard work should be more than capable of handling rock walls. Here's why you might want to contact a local contractor about building a rock wall today.

Your Retaining Wall Can Be the Perfect Final Touch

Whatever the reason you might need a retaining wall, keep in mind that there are so many other options besides just boring concrete. A rock wall constructed by a professional will look visually impressive and can be crafted out of a variety of different materials. Imagine a massive (or smaller) limestone or slate rock wall that calls attention to itself from across your yard. When done right, a rock wall that acts as a retainer can actually be quite impressive and not just a boring necessity.

Make It Clear Where Your Property Begins and Ends

Whether you are currently having problems with the person next door or you just want to avoid a problem in the future, putting up a rock wall as either a retainer or more simply a barrier between your yard and the next will make things quite clear. Just be sure you check your documents and ensure the wall does go up on property you clearly own. There will be no more encroachment or even the possibility of it once your majestic rock wall is in place.

Keep Soil From Sliding Down

Retaining walls are most commonly used when your yard is at a lower elevation than the surrounding property. If there is say, a hill in the area, you don't want to have to deal with soil runoff coming down the hill and into your garden or any other part of your yard.

Keep Flood Waters at Bay

A rock or retaining wall can also lend an assist if your property goes right up against the water. If you are concerned about flooding reaching your yard, a carefully constructed rock wall will ensure that the water does not just flow right in. You can build as high of a wall as you need with the right professional help and ensure that your property stays dry.